Emily Anne Williams
      Nicknames: Ems, Princess
      Hair: Blonde
      Eyes: Blue
      Birthday: April 11, 1997
      Bornin: Portland, Maine
      Hobbies: Violin 
      Tattoos: Red roses covering the right side of her ribs representing true love. Large dark purple rose connecting up to her previous tattoos, covering the bullet wound above her upper abdomen. It carries a double meaning of being Max's favorite flower while reminding her of how far she will always go to protect the one she loves most. (Got after IBLFY timeline once she had fully healed from her wound.)
 Parents: Mother, Vivian Williams: Unapproving W.A.S.P. that wants a life for her daughter that allows her to climb socially. She likes Max until she discovers she is a lesbian. And when she discovers her daughter has more than a friendship with Max she is quick to disapprove, going as far as refusing to talk to her daughter for weeks. Atleast until she gets the chance to read her daughter's journal while she is in a coma. And though it may be begrudgingly, Vivian finally gives her blessing for the two girls.
Jack Williams- Rarely ever seen as he is always on business trips for months at a time. When he is home it is highly suspected by Emily that he sleeps in the guest room. Doesn't even come back to town when his daughter is in the hospital.
      College: NYU Steinhardt, String Studies
      Relationships: Jason Bellman
                                 Max Evans
     Personal History: Her judgemental mother and absentee father have left her as a people pleaser who cares about what others think too much. And years of rule-abiding expectations tend to stop her from listening to that rebel inside that calls for her to follow her heart. Atleast until the meeting with the new girl, Max, helps her find the courage to blossom into her true self. But that doesn't mean she doesn't have difficulty falling into old habits. Especially when it comes to discovering new aspects of her sexuality. But she finds the inner strength she needs when she is the only one to believe that Max is convicted of a crime she didn't commit. A conviction that leads her into a future that almost takes her life.