Maxine Jane Evans

   Nicknames: Max, Asshole
   Hair: Dark brown
   Eyes: Green
   Birthday: December 20, 1996
   Born in: Eugene, Oregon
   Hobbies: Sketching
   Tattoos: Empty birdcage on right forearm representing the melancholy of the old life she will never have again after her mom's death. Red cardinal on the right shoulder blade: Mother's favorite bird which represents her always having her back. Emily's name on her left wrist: Traced from Emily's own handwriting on each letter she received from Emily in prison. Got after she saw her own name on Emily's wrist. It's not about the name but the signature of it, like having a piece of Emily always with her. A stem with two large sunflowers on her left side, extending from ribs to her hip. Emily's favorite flower. (Got this after IBLFY timeline on Emily's 19th birthday.)
   Parents: Mother, Jane Evans, died when Max was eight. Father, Henry Evans, lost in grief turned to alcohol before uprooting his daughter from their home. For ten years he has continued the habit of moving around the country with his daughter, never settling in any town for longer than six months. 
   College: Accepted to NYU but lost admission once arrested.
   Relationships: Emily Williams
   Personal History: She had grown accustomed to never getting attached but that doesn't mean she doesn't hold the desire to find a place to call home again. And after moving to Portland, Maine she learns that home doesn't always mean a place. Sometimes it comes in the form of someone like Emily Williams. But any potential future together with is sabotaged when Emily's jealous boyfriend takes the opportunity to stash drugs inside Max's school locker. A crime that sets her up for a ten-year prison sentence.